Alloy Geometry Shell (Splashback)




This decor is: Alloy Geometry Shell

Material: Alloy Metal Composite

Style: Alloy Décor

Finish:  Shell

Thickness: 4mm

Price Group: Pattern

Splashback Sizes (Length x Height):
Mid Rise Panel: 3050mm x 600mm
High Rise Panel: 3050mm x 750mm

Wide Hob Panel: 900mm x 800mm
Standard Hob Panel: 600mm x 800mm


Alloy in Geometry features white diamond tiles in a geometric pattern with black grout lines, and no mess.

Alloy splashbacks are uniquely designed with safety in mind – beautifully patterned and completely safe behind a hob with no need for a plain metal panel or expensive glass covering to interrupt the design.

They’re easy to fit, easy to clean and have a smooth, matt finish. Alloy splashbacks come in 4 sizes and they’re easy to cut to size, making them the perfect fit for your space, however you choose to use them. Please refer to your appliance manufacturer instructions.

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