The Everyday Safe

A Chubb safe, in a drawer.  Designed to integrate directly into a kitchen drawer providing a safe and conveniently accessible space to store their everyday valuables. 

Not only a safe, but also a Faraday Shield to block any wireless signals, such as keyless car signals to prevent car key cloning. 


  • Built to an EN 14450 – S1 burglary resistance standard.  Construction tested by Istituto Giordano, Italy and certified by ECBS Granted SS 304 Domestic Safe “Silver Level” by Sold Secure UK
  • ECBS class B and VDS class 2 certified high security locking unit
  • Software and fingerprint sensor tested independently by Orange Cyberdefence in Malmo, Sweden
  •  Faraday functionality that protects against keyless car theft and contactless credit card fraud
  • Secure anchorage protecting against any removal attempts


  • A dedicated mobile app that enables users to open and close their safe, add further users and monitor activity
  • A biometric fingerprint solution positioned under the safe that provides fast access in under 2 seconds
  •  Simple installation process requiring a kitchen fitter less than 30 minutes to secure to the kitchen cabinet
  • Great retrofit capability, allowing you to install into an existing kitchen or piece of furniture, you just need a power source


  • Conceptualised in Sweden and engineered in Germany
  • 4mm steel housing with a 4mm steel front and reinforced manganese plates
  • Stainless steel and precision manufactured locking bolts
  • Blum Movento runner system including soft close function using Blumotion
  • Standard colour RAL 9010 pure white with a smooth finish

Brochure, Datasheet and Installation