Omega Laminate Worktops

The laminate worktops from the Bushboard Omega range offers a comprehensive collection of kitchen worktops designs to offer the customer design inspiration for every style of kitchen.

The latest innovations in high definition printing and surface textures combine with Bushboard’s manufacturing expertise to give you a laminate worktop with outstanding credentials.

Omega 38mm Postformed Range

The more classic look, our postformed option finishes your worktop with a beautiful and subtle curved edge at a 3mm radius.

Omega 38mm Square edge Range

For a modern look finish your worktop with a square edge, offering a statement piece similar to solid surface.

Omega 22mm Marble Square edge Range

Our Marble collection has been curated to contain some of our boldest and most modern designs. Using OMEGA you can create the look of a high-end Italian kitchen at a fraction of the cost.

Omega 22mm LUXE Square edge Range

Our most innovative worksurfaces all in a trendy 22mm thick design. Texture is key in our Luxe collection with either the incredible soft touch of our solid colours, or the  astonishing brushed finish on our metallic decor.

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