Solid Wood

Wood is natural, durable and flexible, making it a perfect choice of material for the kitchen and the home. 

Wooden worktops have been used for hundreds of years in kitchens across the world as they provice a naturally hygienic and durable surface to work with.  

Installation instructions

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As your solid wood worksurface is a natural product, it will gradually mature to a richer colour becoming unique to you as it is used in your kitchen.

HABiol maintenance oil applied to your worksurface every two to three months will not only make your surface resistant to water damage but continue to bring out the character of the solid wood. 

With regular care and simple maintenance, your solid wood product will stand up to the test of time and could last a lifetime.

Oiled surfaces are easy to keep clean and protected from moisture whilst retaining the natural feel and appearance. 

See below the difference between an oiled (left) and and unoiled (right) surface.