Croma Blue Luxe High Gloss Melamine Faced MDF Panel




This decor is: Croma Blue

Decor Code: L9966

Price Group: 3

Material: Luxe High Gloss Mirror Finish Melamine Structure on MDF Core

Thickness: 18mm

Matching Edging Available

Sizes (Length x Width):

2750mm x 1220mm


Feel the blue of the sea, its depth, and the reflection of the sun on the water.

The deep blue of the sea.

Blue is a colour play of infinite and evocative blues that make it come alive, capturing the movement of the sea with the creation of a gradient in the design.

LUXE by ALVIC is a high gloss lacquered surface with a unique mirror effect and high resistance that offers an innovative solution.

It is composed of a quality MDF board, on which the decorative paper impregnated with resins and additives is pressed.

The unique resin and additive formula, developed by ALVIC, provides the best finish.

Finally, a layer of high gloss lacquer with UV radiation drying is applied to the front face, which gives our products high resistance, durability and quality.




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