Croma Sunset Luxe High Gloss Melamine Faced MDF Panel




This decor is: Croma Sunset

Decor Code: L9956

Price Group: 3

Material: Luxe High Gloss Mirror Finish Melamine Structure on MDF Core

Thickness: 18mm

Matching Edging Available

Sizes (Length x Width):

2750mm x 1220mm


An enigmatic design that captures the beauty of a sunset. The beauty of a sunset.

A combination of the blue colour of the sky during the last hours of sunlight over the land.

This bold and inspirational new design opens up creative possibilities and lets the imagination fly.

LUXE by ALVIC is a high gloss lacquered surface with a unique mirror effect and high resistance that offers an innovative solution.

It is composed of a quality MDF board, on which the decorative paper impregnated with resins and additives is pressed.

The unique resin and additive formula, developed by ALVIC, provides the best finish.

Finally, a layer of high gloss lacquer with UV radiation drying is applied to the front face, which gives our products high resistance, durability and quality.




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