White Halifax Oak H1176 Egger MFC




This decor is: White Halifax Oak

Decor Code: H1176

Material: Melamine Faced Chipboard

Price Group: 11
ST37 Finish (Feelwood Rift)
2800 x 2070 x 18mm Thick

Matching ABS Edging Available

Sizes (Length x Width):
2800mm x 2070mm


The Halifax Oak series displays striking distressing with knots, deep cracks and grain to recreate a natural, authentic look in living spaces.

White Halifax Oak provides a Nordic flair, with a color play that includes white, beige and gray, providing endless possibilities when combined with solid colors.

The dark distressing and saw marks of the decor look particularly nice in combination with black or “almost black” tones and woodgrains.

The embossed-in-register (EIR) ST37 Feelwood Rift texture enhances this decor with a rich tactile character.

Decor is directionally bound.

Decor Code: H1176

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