Natural Anthor Oak H3330 Egger MFC




This decor is: Natural Anthor Oak

Decor Code: H3330

Material: Melamine Faced Chipboard

Price Group: 10
ST36 Finish (Feelwood Brushed)
2800 x 2070 x 18mm Thick

Matching ABS Edging Available

Sizes (Length x Width):
2800mm x 2070mm


Natural Anthor Oak is a rustic oak decor that shows a rough brushed character in the decor image.

The natural colour with a light vintage influence makes it look very natural and authentic.

The texture ST10 Deepskin Rough provides an authentic feel to the visually rough wooden surface.

The naturalness of the decor is supported by the XL repeat, the decor image has no repetitions across the entire width.

Decor is directionally bound.

Decor Code: H3330

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